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Ford Sollers Opens New Plant

Ford Sollers opened a new $275 million engine manufacturing plant in Russia. The purpose is to cut down on the number of imported components for Russian built automobiles. Ford is trying to spend 60 % of the total cost per vehicle within the country by 2020 to qualify for discounts on certain import duties on parts. The new plant, in the republic of Tatarstan, has the capacity to produce up to 105,000 engines a year, with the possibility of expansion to up to 200,000.

Ford (long hold): F 11,53 -0,17 -1,45%

Position Acquired – Amazon (AMZN)

Right before I decided to call it a day I noticed Amazon had fallen throughout the afternoon. It was hovering around $504.39 and, adhering to the rules of the game, I wanted to get in before the job report just in case the overall market jumped. Therefore, I purchased a small amount (25 shares @ $504.39) afterhours. Based on the current trading worksheet this purchase was above the 3% column and should not have been made, but Amazon (and the rest of the market) is actually down significantly this week already so I took the risk. My strategy is to purchase more if it continues to fall and I agree with the current 12 month target of $640.00. Love (and long) Amazon!

I currently hold positions in the following:

Amazon (long hold): AMZN 1.025,67 -3,03 -0,29%

Netflix (short hold): NFLX 188,54 +4,94 +2,69%

Ford (long hold): F 11,53 -0,17 -1,45%

Denbury Resources (not sure yet): DNR 1,36 -0,08 -5,56%

Avalon Rare Metals (until the end of time): Unfortunately, we could not get stock quote nyse:avl this time.

US Jobs Report Released Friday!

The US Jobs Report will be released Friday, September 4, 2015. This has been highly anticipated by most and especially those who are active in the market. If the total number of new jobs for the month of August exceeds 200,000 it is likely the Fed’s will raise interest rates on September 17 from record lows. For any person trading or investing it is my opinion that no sizeable position in anything be acquired until this report is made public. After which buy on the dip…

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