Bull or Bust

a bull's view



The market has been interesting the past few weeks to say the least. 2018 started out with a bang and I was up nearly $45,000.00 in just a few weeks…more than 20% overall. I was happy and loving life until two (2) things happened in February: the great VIX manipulation and subsequent market selloff and the passing of my father on February 16, 2018. I predicted both and, unfortunately, they both caught me off-guard.









My father was a special man and he was the best dad a boy could have. He could fix anything, would tell you how to build a clock if you asked what time it was and no matter what he was always there providing the support required to keep going. I joke and say he was my Google before Google existed because the man knew absolutely everything about any subject. It was fascinating and he will be forever missed.

Over the past year his health had declined significantly to the point where he couldn’t get out of bed during the last few months. It was hard to watch, but as sick and tired as he was he still wanted me to buy NVDA and WDC! He used to say NVDA was one of my generations greatest growth stocks and this was back when it was $40.00 a share! Somehow, he was always right.

During his last week in February he didn’t know what day it was or what time, but he would still ask if the market was open or closed. He wanted to know what I had bought and sold and what the prices were for his favorite stocks. His mind was a machine and sharp until his last breathe. Some of you might think this was a blessing; for him it was a curse. For a man that never sat down or stopped a day in his life laying in that bed was his living hell. He is definitely in a better place…


My father and I had so many things in common it’s just too much to talk about, and I never really knew how much until the end. I am a very transactional person and I ultimately handled the actual passing in the same manner. I believe he knew I would and he would understand. I continued working and handling the affairs all while keeping everything and everyone headed down the right path. The funeral came and went like a weird dream and after all was said and done I never shed a tear.

For me, it’s the little things…the times when I’m not sure what move to make next in the market or when I have a question about building a clock. It’s those times I go to text him to look at WDC finally above $100 as he always said it would be only to realize he’ll never respond and never enjoy the fact he was right all along.


We all mourn loss differently and right now I miss my trading buddy. I miss the man that taught me everything I know and whenever I would get anxious or want to make a move I would text him and his response would be one word: patience (of which I have none).

I hope wherever he is he’s watching the tape and enjoying himself knowing he led a good life, was very much loved and his son couldn’t have done it without him…

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