Bull or Bust

a bull's view


octoberSay goodbye to October! Cannot believe it’s already gone, but it sure is good to be a bull these days! My bull put spreads are working like a champ and I’ll be the first to tell everyone I cashed out 75% of my holdings this morning! Very glad I did and this includes all of my Micron (MU) positions. I didn’t really want to sell the JAN 35 CALL’s, but I was up over 40% and MU was up nearly 6% today so I took the gain. I mean who wouldn’t?

I still hold spreads on NVDA, DPZ, NFLX and XPO and will for at least the next week or until my balance gets closer to $80,000.00. I was very excited to hit 70% YTD return last week (after commissions), but I gained another 10% this week already! Whohoo!

This is why I’m cashing out. Being an experienced trader involves being disciplined and everything has been hitting my predetermined exit amounts. I can’t help but exit some of the positions. I’ve been waiting for Micron to make a move for weeks and when it went above $44.00 per share I started selling.

I still hold calls in MGP, GE, P, RAD and IBM

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