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stocksMan, time really is flying this year. I just realized how long it has been since I created a post and cannot believe it! So what’s been going on? Well, a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but mostly work. I have been watching the market close and I must say I’m proud of my recent trades.


I was discussing this with someone yesterday and explained my opinion on how very easy it is to jump off the rails at any given moment. This is precisely why (I have determined) most people cannot manage their own money. I have a fantastic strategy that works very well, but it is my own greed and risk tolerance that creates problems.

At one beautiful moment I was up over 41% YTD after commissions and I would be much higher had I kept my train on the rails. This sounds fake or like bs, but it’s true. Most settle for 4% a year and hope for 8% maybe? Even after all of my mistakes, if they all go to zero I will still finish the year up over 8%.

However, the houses money was calling my name and I took a few risks I shouldn’t have…mainly Rite Aid [stock_quote symbol=rad] which really and truly is not down that much (roughly a grand right now), but it cost me a fortune in commissions. I still own 125,000 shares worth of call options until January 2019 so I have some time on that one. In fact, it jumped nearly $2,000.00 today and then went right back down. I need $5.00 a share sometime in the next few months and I’ll clear something like $100,000.00 haha.


Twitter [stock_quote symbol=twtr] I am done with Twitter. I like the platform, but the stock just doesn’t like me. I have tried and tried, but I’m out for good.

Pandora [stock_quote symbol=p] I still own the 10/12 call spread for Jan 2018 and plan to hold until expiration. I was profitable more than 30% before earnings, but now I am negative 5% or so. Not a bad place to be, but I would prefer to be positive. I own 2000 shares worth of calls.

3D Systems [stock_quote symbol=ddd] What can I say…OUCH! Got nailed for the tune of around $3,600.00 on this one. Owned 5000 shares worth of the Aug 19 call’s and earnings ate my lunch. I suppose I have no choice but to hold until expiration to expire worthless. Sure would be nice if it would pop back to $18.00 before the 18th, but that’s wishful thinking.

This is where I jumped the rails. I should have stayed away from 3D. Too risky. I should have at LEAST put half on 3D and kept half on TTWO. What really, really, pissed me off was the fact I owned a ton of the Jan 70 calls of Take-Two Interactive [stock_quote symbol=ttwo] and sold them profitable last week to buy the 3D, but holy cow they would have more than made up for the 3D loss today. I picked the wrong horse for sure and I knew better. TTWO knocked earnings out of the park! Congrats to anyone smart enough to hold their position.

Western Digital [stock_quote symbol=wdc] Here’s a good example of a great company that reported pretty good earnings (lowered forward guidance) and got crushed. I don’t care, I plan on calling the shares. I own the Jan 70 and 80 calls and have no problem owning the stock at those prices.


Domino’s [stock_quote symbol=dpz] I waited until after earnings with this one and executed the 200 / 210 call spread for Aug around $190.00 a share as it was coming back up. Doing well up 31%.

Nvidia [stock_quote symbol=nvda] Still own a large position in the Jan 2019 125 Call’s and doing very well. Buying more on each dip.

Intel [stock_quote symbol=intc] Own a 1000 shares worth of the Sept 34 call (have for months) and doing very well. Plan to call the shares.

Verizon [stock_quote symbol=vz] This one was great. I owned the Jan 40 and 45 calls purchased when it hit near rock bottom and doubled down on the 40’s thankfully. Came out very profitable and sold it all. I am waiting for a little more of a pullback and I’m getting back in the stock for the long-term.

Autodesk [stock_quote symbol=adsk] Own the Jan 100 purchased when it hit bottom (around $100 per share) a few weeks ago. Plan to call shares. They report earnings on Aug 24th and I expect good things!


Ford [stock_quote symbol=f]

American Eagle [stock_quote symbol=aeo]

Cisco [stock_quote symbol=csco]

GE [stock_quote symbol=ge]


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