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What a week! Whew!! The high’s, the low’s, the euphoria surrounding the great run of NVDA! Yes, even a veteran such as myself can get caught up in the moment and forget the fundamental rules of the game. The most important being: what goes up, must come down…


As they say, stocks rarely give you time to think when they hit the top before they come crashing down. I was too busy Friday morning laughing at the week of gains to realize what was about to happen. Well, that’s not exactly true. I looked at Hillary and said I need to sell it all, but I’m not taking that risk. The risk for NVDA is still to the upside.

Did I sell? Actually, yes. I was smart enough to take my largest gain close to the top. I sold the JAN 145 CALL on NVDA at a nice 70% profit. Did I jump back in too soon? Maybe. Maybe not. I read the chart, watched it revert back to nearly where it opened on Monday morning and I started adding to my JAN 2019 125 CALL’s. Too soon? Maybe…but that happened to be right where it turned around at $142.75 and shot straight back to $151 and some change. That’s a hard pop and obviously a lot of people were waiting on that same spot. I love charts!


I did purchase another two (2) JAN 2019 125 CALL’s before the market closed Friday. I had to sell some other positions to clear them which I didn’t want to do, but I have a plan. I am now 90% into NVDA which is really stupid. However, as I just said, I have a much longer plan…hence the 2019 calls. Everything I do is strategic in nature and always has been. Most think I fly by the seat of my pants, but I put a great deal of thought into everything I do. Especially when it comes to my f’n money! ha!

I do anticipate the selling to continue next week. As I have said many times before I am trying to accumulate a minimum of 1000 shares of NVDA with a cost basis at or below $125.00 per share. I’m trying hard to do it now before we wake up in 2018 and it’s 200+ per share and $125.00 is just a memory. You laugh, but I remember owning it at $87.00 and selling at $120.90 thinking that was just too high. Should have kept those shares! I also should have kept the 500 shares I owned with a cost basis of $105.86. Ugh! Regardless, $200.00 per share is coming. Fight all you want and short it if you must, but it’s going to continue higher.


Remember the “plan not to care” post a few days ago? This is precisely what I meant. I plan not to care. I have nearly two (2) years to call the shares and I still own DEC and JAN 110 CALL’s for 2017 and 2018 respectively. I’m covered. I need a measly three (3) more calls to hit my goal and I shall have them. Patience.

How do I plan not to care? The strike prices. I own the $110 and $125 strikes on all calls. That’s why I sold the $145 at the top. I didn’t really want to call those shares anyway because that would ruin my cost basis plan. I was up 70% and it was a strike I didn’t like so I dumped them. Now, I don’t care. No matter what I would pay $110 and $125 per share for NVDA no matter what happens so I’m happy. Let it go to $130…still above my strike and in-the-money.

There is some argument towards break even and what I have paid for the calls, but I’m not really worried if you can’t tell.

Will I buy other stuff? Yes. I plan to start funding this portfolio much more heavily in the coming months and I’ll have plenty to invest. It ususally takes me a few months to recover from tax season and I’m almost there. We have a primary savings goal we must meet before I get to really add to my mad money!

This is another aspect of my longer term goal…I know what’s coming on my side as well which makes all the difference.


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