Bull or Bust

a bull's view



You have restored my faith in growth stocks! You just won’t quit and if anyone else had read their projections for 2018 you would have done what I did and buy, buy, buy!!

[stock_quote symbol=nvda]

I own the equivalent of 600 shares by way of many CALL options. Below is the list of said calls and I stupidly waited for a dip so I could buy four (4) more for a grand total of 1000 shares. It appears I waited too long for a dip and missed a really good opportunity. Will it pull back? Hopefully. For now…I’ll just sit back and watch.

ONE (1) DEC 110 CALL UP 28.55%
ONE (1) JAN 110 CALL UP 33.09%
ONE (1) JAN 145 CALL UP 47.23%
THREE (3) JAN 2019 125 CALL UP 22.06%

Remember, this is after I cleared 551%, 240% and 206% on three (3) other calls I really, really, stupidly sold profitable a week or so ago. Oh, I wish I had those back!

Why did I move to the JAN 2019 CALL’s? Well, I’m smart enough to know I have to actually have the money to call these shares if I decide to do so and I wanted to spread the load between years honestly. I do plan on calling them ALL. Besides, the faster it goes up the more time value of the option I keep as well.


I told Hillary (my girlfriend for those of you who are new) yesterday that the problem with waiting for a dip with a stock like this is that by the time it dips or the market crashes it could be $165.00 per share. This means it wouldn’t dip back to maybe $140.00 per share which is where it was last week! Who would have thought it would hit $165.00 in a few days!! So I screwed up…I could have transferred funds to buy more calls, but I was waiting to see what happened.


I think so…at least a little. I’m preparing to transfer funds over the next few weeks and maybe if I’m lucky it will pull back after labor day. For now…fun times. Has anybody seen it after hours?? Holy smokes…



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