Bull or Bust

a bull's view


bombDrama has never been my thing, but if you’re watching the market today thinking, “holy cow, I need to find somewhere safe to hold my cash for awhile” then you’re not alone. It’s always good to have a certain amount of your portfolio stashed away and typically people use Gold. However, if you are interested in stocks and the idea of being paid to wait (dividends), I have compiled a list below of stocks that barely move during days like today. I have also included the opposite and high risk stocks if you’re willing to risk some cash. Enjoy!

Stable. Safe. Predictable.

AT&T [stock_quote symbol=T] – Hands down the most stable over the past few years. It barely moves, pays a great dividend and even on terrible days like today it has only dropped .16% or .06 cents.

US Bank [stock_quote symbol=USB] – I’m slightly biased on USB. In the past, I’ve had many accounts, loans and mortgages with USB and I have always loved them. With that said, over the past three (3) or four (4) years it has remained between $35 and $45 per share. In the past year during increased volatility and our new bear market it has remained around $40. The dividend is not that great, but pretty damn good for a financial institution at 2.54% yield.

Coca-Cola [stock_quote symbol=KO] – Someone once said you do nothing with Coke but own it. I agree. Dividend is currently yielding 3.11% and during the 2015 high volatility it has held strong.

Volatile. Risky. Scary Shit.

Facebook [stock_quote symbol=FB] – Up one day, down the next. Fortunes have been made and lost on Facebook, but it always recovers and I believe we will look back in years to come and wish we had purchased more. Where to buy? No one knows, but fun to play.

Home Depot [stock_quote symbol=HD] – I really cannot believe I’m including this company in my volatile list, but whoa boy has it come down! I haven’t seen it this low since this time last year. With Spring coming I would be a buyer anywhere around $110.

Alcoa [stock_quote symbol=AA] – I have always liked Alcoa and they pay a modest dividend that could be subsidized with covered calls if you really want to go long. I have seen Alcoa at $15 and $6.50 in the last year. The is no predicting this stock, but fun to trade!

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