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Deep Thoughts with James Day

Some of you might catch the SNL reference with the title, if not too bad. Here are my current thoughts regarding the top five (5) stocks I’m watching:


This is just sad. To watch this stock drop and investors disrespect such a great company is almost painful. Ford has done nothing but do everything right. To put it plainly they are killing it. They’re making money hand over fist, have plenty of cash, are giving back to their shareholders, looking to the future with electric and autonomous vehicles and just keeping it real frankly. They’re well liked and they’re vehicles look great! I personally chose the new F-150 (Platinum of course – thank you Facebook) over my beloved BMW M3. Yes! I chose an F-150 over an M3. That should tell you how fantastic Ford is doing (I’m a huge BMW fan for those of you who don’t know me). Just buy Ford and shut up about the auto industry. Good lord…


Here is another company / stock that everyone loves to disagree on. Some say it’s going up and is the best thing to happen to consumer discretionary since Wal-Mart. Some say it’s going down because they can’t possibly keep going up (that’s the only reason I can think of that people are negative against SBUX). Ok so they have China exposure and they’re tied to the masses having money to buy latte’s and the price of coffee is always a concern. I get all that, but damn let’s be honest, everybody loves Starbucks and I personally spend so much money with them I have no choice but to own stock!! Again, it’s a buy and anyone who says it is not will be sorry in the future. Did you read about their expansion plans??


Ohhhh my, my, my. I would LOVE to get my hands around that big nosed guy on Fast Money that told everybody Facebook was going to $85 back in October. For a split second I believed him and it cost me big. People are STILL saying it is overvalued and will dive any minute. Just wait for it. Wait. Oh wait it’s going back up!! Facebook will be up there with Google in two years. You watch. It will win against the pessimist’s I assure you. Listen, I can’t stand Facebook personally. I don’t understand the need to share your entire life with your friends. Like we give a shit. What I’m saying is this company has it going on. They have figured out how to monetize their platform like no other and their ability to generate revenue in the coming years is simply unbelievable. Congrats FB…you won me over.


I just like it. Nothing more to say. Lowe’s is terrible and Home Depot has always warmed my heart. It didn’t hurt that I made 5k back in September on an option and I’ve been trading it ever since. I believe we will see HD hit $130 again…soon.


This last one was hard. I have several more that I like, but if I had to pick the one I would invest in today with large sums of money and hold for years to come I would have to say Chevron (amongst the other five (5) listed here). Chevron, to me at least, has always felt like Home Depot. There is something about it that I just can’t put my finger on, but I love it. The current 5.02% yield doesn’t hurt either! Currently Chevron trades at $81 and some change. It had a hard day today due to the ever volatile price of oil. Who cares! I told everybody when it hit $66 last year and $75 last week to buy, buy, buy. If you already own it and you’re getting slaughtered – buy it! Lower your cost basis at the very least. Sit back and enjoy the dividend. Many years from now you will be glad you did. Anybody remember when Ford was $1.17? I do…eventually everything recovers.

Disclaimer: my opinions are just that – my opinions. I do not currently own positions in any of the above companies, but I will…

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